Handmade Display Case With LED Lighting Package For Models, Swords, Rifles

This is an example of one of our long handmade wood and glass display cases for displaying swords, rifles, and more.

All of our custom display cases are made to order. Please click the custom order button below to fill out your needed dimensions and details.

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All Chameleon Woodcrafting cases are made with real glass and expertly finished; Shipped to your home ready to use – simply slide the glass panels into place and add your collectibles. This display case is handcrafted using solid 7/8 inch American Walnut, but may be made to order in other domestic woods. The case has two (2) mirrored back panels, glass top and sides, and solid glass front panels to clearly view your collectibles. The case design allows the contents to breathe while keeping them dust free.

The case comes with an LED soft white lighting package and a Optional Solid 3/4 Walnut Base Insert inside the case.

You can upgrade to Tempered Glass, which includes the Fronts, Top and Sides.

Mirrored glass backs or sliding mirrored doors can be added to the package so you can have a choice of backs for different displays.

Each case is specially designed and handcrafted by Mike of Chameleon Woodcrafting. Mike meticulously finishes the wood by hand — first the case is sealed with an oil / varnish mixture, then sprayed with three coats of lacquer to bring out the unique characteristics of each piece of wood. The wood is then hand rubbed with a fine English wax to protect the finish. The bottom is matching Sapele plywood. There are felt feet on the bottom.

At Chameleon Woodcrafting, we us old world joinery and meticulous finishing techniques in each of our pieces. Usually Mike’s work is by custom order.

  • The outside dimensions of this case are 14″ tall by 48 wide and 14″ deep.
  • The inside dimensions of this case are 12″ tall by 46″ wide and 12″ deep

All our cases are designed and built to last for generations and after 28 years we are proud to say that many, many of our cases have been passed down already.

NOTE: We use FedEx Ground/Home Delivery for our shipping needs.


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