Wooden Display Case for Diorama

This is a display case for dioramas made with walnut. All of our custom display cases are made to order. Please click the custom order button below to fill out your needed dimensions and details.

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All Chameleon Woodcrafting cases are custom made with real hardwood and expertly finished; Shipped to your home ready to use. This display case is handcrafted using solid Walnut but may be made to order in other  woods.

Each case is specially designed and handcrafted by Mike of Chameleon Woodcrafting. Mike meticulously finishes the wood by hand — first the case is sealed with an oil / varnish mixture, then sprayed with three coats of lacquer to bring out the unique characteristics of each piece of wood. The wood is then hand rubbed with a fine English wax to protect the finish.

At Chameleon Woodcrafting, we us old world joinery and meticulous finishing techniques in each of our pieces.